Grew installation

Grew is implemented with the Ocaml language. The Graphical User Interface is based on GTK, Grew is then easy to install on Linux or MAC OS X (installation on Windows should be possible, but this is untested).

⚠️ If you run into trouble using the instruction of this page, please open an issue on GitLab.

Step 1: Prerequisites, install non-ocaml needed packages

On Linux

On Debian/Ubuntu based Linux installation, the following command installs the prerequisites.

If aptitude is not installed, you can install it with apt get install aptitude

On Mac OS X

  1. Install XCode
  2. Install XQuartz
  3. Install MacPorts

The following command install the prerequisites sudo port install graphviz webkit-gtk librsvg libglade2 wget opam

Step 2: Initialize OPAM

Step 3: Add the talc local OPAM repository

Step 4: Install grew

Update to the last Grew version

  1. update prerequisites:
    • Linux ➡️ aptitude update && aptitude upgrade
    • Mac OS X ➡️ sudo port sync && sudo port upgrade
  2. update Grew software: opam update && opam upgrade